RuralChange is a funded private wellbeing program for New Zealand farmers operated by the Will To Live Charitable Trust. 


Each farmer will have the opportunity to enhance and improve their health, happiness and wellbeing by accessing three funded private counselling/psychologist sessions.


Generally going private will mean shorter wait times and more experienced professionals that are dedicated to restoring your health long-term. 


To access the fund, you can be on any part of the mental health spectrum. 

You do not need to have life threatening symptoms before you can use this fund.


We encourage everyone that would like to up-skill and improve their health and wellbeing to make use of the RuralChange funding that is available to you.



Everyone's needs and preferences are different and we want the best possible outcome for you, so here’s a few tips on how to choose a counsellor:

  • Research - if they have one, visit their website and see if their background sounds appealing to you

  • Think about whether you generally feel more comfortable speaking with someone from the same or a similar gender background to you.

  • Think about whether you want someone who understands your spiritual or cultural background

  • Shop around. You and the counsellor/s you interact with are only human and naturally not everyone will have perfect chemistry. If you don't feel comfortable with the counsellor you use , you don't have to keep going to them. 



Find someone that suits you and that you want on your team.


Remember, you want to pick someone you think you'll be comfortable talking about pretty much anything with and who will work with you in a style that works best for you. When it comes to your emotional well being, you're allowed to be fussy.

Already have a great counsellor?


Fantastic, you may still be eligible for the RuralChange funding. 

Ask your counsellor to contact us: enquiries@willtolivenz.com

If you are needing urgent help please call 111 immediately.

Call or text 1737
They are available any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll get to talk to (or text with) a trained counsellor and the service is completely free.

Want support in the meantime, from farmers who can relate?

Call 0800 Rural Help, for a Rural Support Trust Facilitator to pay you a visit


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Disclaimer: The information you provide is completely confidential, and will only be used in assisting us to find the most local and efficient health professionals near you.